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Want to use less gasoline? Here are a few simple, free techniques.

A) Keep tires inflated to specifications. Low-tire pressure increases drag, as well as building up dangerous heat in the tire. The door jam of your vehicle should have the correct specifications. If not, drop by, we will provide them for you!

B) Don’t haul "dead" weight around. Bags of books, etc. You would be surprised at how fast weight builds. More weight, more fuel burned!

C) Accelerate smoothly. That gas pedal is not a switch!

D) Plan trips. Use a route that hits all the spots you need to find, and use a route that never uses the same street twice!

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Tips and Tricks: Save At The Gas Pump:

A)  Pump your gas early in the morning. As gas heats up it expands. This means when you pump during or after a hot day, your tank fills up quicker and with less gas. If you pump before the gas heats up, you will get more into your tank.

B)  When you start the nozzle, put the handle at it's slowest setting. When you pump at the highest and fastest setting, your tank will fill with fuel vapors quicker, creating a vacum which creates pressure at the top of the tank and the fuel nozzle will think your tank is full and shut off. Pumping slower allows for the fuel vapors to escape through the outflow of the nozzle easier, creating less pressure at the top of the tank, allowing for that much more fuel in to fill it up.

Fee Techniques

A) Clean air filters, properly tuned engines, properly aligned tires, correct weight engine oil. Spend now, save later!

Tips and Tricks: Purchasing a used vehicle:


A) Always have that vehicle looked at by an Auto Repair Professional. $100.00 spent before might save you thousands later! Also, remember, in California, a vehicle that will not pass Smog Inspection has virtually ZERO value! Insist on a second inspection if the seller has already "smogged" the vehicle.


B)  Test drive carefully. Don’t chat with seller. Listen for strange noises. Feel the steering, is it precise and tight? Does it pull to one side or the other? Remember pretty paint and interior Do Not propel, steer and stop the vehicle!


C) If seller hesitates when you request a professional Pre Check and or Smog Inspection, walk away.....

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